Some of these people are discussing gross pigs. I went down to the lobby to see what the grill has to offer. There’s some of the class mates standing in the lobby seating area talking really loud cursing and literally farting as loud as possible in front of everyone. I was literally disgusted that I went back to my room because I didn’t want anyone who wasn’t there for the same reason I was to think I’m associated with these degenerates.

Last day at tomorrow!

I can’t believe my last day is tomorrow! I
Trained my replacement today and I’m
Very confident he will do well and be my
Bosses “go to” person like I was. I am very nervous about my new adventure. I have a 7am flight (first class awww yeah) to Salt Lake City on Sunday! So close! Then my first day of class is Monday. I’m curious to see how it all goes. Everything I read says how bad C.R England is and how much they suck. But it’s usually the losers that fail are the ones who write bad reviews. So I’ll keep up to date on everything!!!